Saturday, April 16, 2011

Starshard0's Super Road Trip

I've never been much for road trips. Being prone to carsickness, I was always incredibly bored as a kid because I couldn't read or play video games during the ride. Also my dad listened to country music the whole time.

So when I was faced with the prospect of a 20 hour trip from New York to Minnesota, I wasn't exactly what you'd call excited. Being in the car, with nothing but the radio for company, it didn't sound like a lot of fun. And it wasn't. But in the end I made it with no problems. Here are some of the things I learned on my trip:

I-90 is one big toll road

Whether you call it the New York Thruway or the Ohio Turnpike, I-90 ate up all the cash I had on me as I meandered through the Northwest Territories. I did end up getting some cool dollar coins as change though.

The Angola Travel Plaza in Angola New York is staffed exclusively by Asians

Nothing wrong with that, I was just confused. The Travel Plaza is basically a huge rest stop with a McDonald's and a Denny's and some other restaurants. I got a chicken wrap while I was there from a wrap place.

Big cities are impressive to drive through

I managed to pass through Buffalo, Cleveland, and Chicago, and each one had awesome buildings to show off. The closest I'd been to the Sears Tower previously had been when I had a stop at O'Hare.

Sleeping in a car is no fun

At least in the front seat. Unfortunately during my return drive the back seat will be full of boxes.

In closing

I expect my return drive to be a little more fun since I'll have my wife to keep me company and serve as my navigatress (a word I admittedly made up). Does anyone have any advice for making a road trip not suck?


  1. Can't help you there, I would love a good road trip, unfortunately I live on an island, doesn't take 2 hours to get anywhere.

  2. I used to live in Hawaii. It was great being able to go anywhere in about an hour.